To view a video Illustrating the tool kit components that makes servicing sanitary dairy UF & RO pressure vessels safer, faster and smarter please click here.

It is crucial that you use the correct tools to remove anti-telescopic devices (ATD’s). We provide specialist removal tools for the job to ensure the safe removal of membranes and ATD’s from your plant.

Keep staff safe with the use of tools designed for purpose.

Reduce damages to your plant, your staff, membranes and ATD’s.  All tools are stored in a tough waterproof case to ensure that the tools are available when required.  The base has wheels for safe transport around the factory.

  • Housing End Cap Removal Tools
  • Removal of Membranes from the Housing
  • Membrane Push Rod Tool
  • Membrane Ejector Block Pigging Tools
  • Removal of ATD’s and Blank End Plugs from the Membranes

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