With the high value of protein components and the high energy requirement of membrane separation, it is recommended to use the lip seal to prevent any losses between the two separated streams.

The Lip Seals (other names include ATD Rubber or U-cup Seal) has a high surface area allowing it to keep excellent contact to the permeate tube, even when the membranes are out of alignment.  It also allows better contact during times of shaking and vibration, for example plant start up.  Lip seals are more forgiving than an o-ring with plant operating conditions and process control.

Smart Membrane Solutions Lip seals are available in VITON or EPDM.

VITON is recommended for Ultra filtration (UF) applications, due to chlorine being present in most UF CIP regimes. VITON is more robust to chemicals.

EPDM is recommended for Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nanofiltration (NF) applications.

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