The ATD goes by many names: Anti-Telescopic Device (ATD), Seal Carrier, Interconnector (IC), membrane end cap or membrane coupler. All of these descriptions refer to the same product.

The ATD is installed on the end of each spiral wound element to protect the element from telescoping as a result of hydraulic forces pushing on the membrane.

The ATD also works as a connecting device, connecting the permeate tubes for each membrane, allowing the permeate stream to be collected at the end of the housing. There are three sizes of ATD’s for use on membranes that have a permeate tube ID of 0.830”, 1.138″ or 1.125”. This is for each of the 3.8”, 6.3” and 8.0” Spiral Wound Membranes.

The seal on the ATD’s is a lip seal design to ensure the best seal integrity is maintained between the permeate and the retentate in the membrane. Anti telescopic device for membrane filtration systems for the dairy industry.

Our products Features and Benefits are:

  • Strongest by design to prevent membrane telescoping
  • Maximum flow through space for effective membrane cleaning (CIP)
  • Deep ‘v’ access to permeate tube for effective ATD and Lip Seal CIP
  • Maximum flow area to maximise the membrane surface area available on production
  • Lip seal to connect and enable efficient transport of permeate components
  • A stainless steel ATD is recommended as the end ATD in the vessel

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