Matt Earp Product and Supply Chain Coordinator

Matt joins the Smart Membrane Solutions team with recent experience working in the high voltage and low voltage electrical sector and since 2009, he’s been a supply chain specialist.  In this position, he was responsible for purchasing for five branches around New Zealand, and, as a naturally ‘adaptable’ individual he also travelled all over the country covering for leave and sickness.

Key Skills

Matt’s strengths lie in his ability to oversee and deliver on all aspects of coordinating the product-and-supply chain with an efficient and responsive customer focus.  In particular, you can trust that he has:

  • expert and comprehensive knowledge of the supply chain and its complexities
  • a proven track record of working efficiently through supply-chain issues during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • excellent problem-solving skills when goods are unavailable
  • a very positive, flexible and customer-driven approach.


An active relaxer, Matt describes himself as a serious ‘gym bunny’ and when he’s not ‘working’ he’s usually found working out!  In addition, he’s a bit of a sports fanatic, who’s interested in all sports with a special penchant for rugby league.  Keen to give back, Matt devotes his weekends to managing his local rugby union club Division 1 team, plus, he’s recently joined a golf club, so he’s now learning how to spoil a good walk!


Qualified butcher

Matt’s Business Commitment

I always put the customer first and nothing is ever an issue.