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MTK for FRP vessel has been designed for the 8” Codeline vessel, so there might be subtle differences to the bell housing diameter and end cap arrangement of non Codeline vessels. Therefore, SMS can’t fully guarantee the full suitability of the compression clamp tool and the end cap removal tool on non Codeline vessels.
The shortest that we can make the hose is 220mm and this can only be installed in a STRAIGHT LINE, to prevent any kinking. Note: the plant would need to consider permeate header setup/removal when trying to remove/fit membranes We have high minimum order qualities (>300) but if alternative length hoses were required would be required in 1.5” Triclover ferrule ends, then we can technical add smaller short hose volume into a batch of our standard 300 or 450mm length hoses.
Yes, SMS ship to the majority of countries globally and often times within 7-10 days door to door delivery from time of order.

Yes, payment by Proforma invoice or with credit card (with small extra fee) can be arranged.

No, but we can ship anywhere globally using our preferred supplier DHL.

SMS EPDM and VITON end plugs are designed to fit global membrane permeate tube internal diameter dimensions standards. SMS have designed its own combination of ATD and Lip seal to meet these global standards. Depending on what OEM membrane component end users have in their plants there may be some subtle differences when SMS lip seals are applied to non SMS components. Providing shipping is covered, SMS can send samples to you to ensure seal fit meets your needs.

SMS manufacture all its own products locally in New Zealand and have done for 20 years.

Yes, we can source these smaller sizes in any quantity and range of molecular weight cut offs (MWCO) needed.

Yes, our process MTK is designed to work on both 6″and 8″ membrane housings. Smaller 4″ membrane housings are too small to suit the membrane push end cap assembly.

First check that the membrane permeate tube has a seal lead in chaffer (bevel), and apply a small amount of water soluble/food grade lubricant to the seal. Use of the SMS large Viton lip seal (L-L-VITON) will also provide a slightly easier fit which may be a suitable option.

Yes, a BEP is all that is required for most horizontal membrane vessel configurations. The purpose of the Blank End Plug is to simply seal the permeate tube from the feed material. The Blank End Plug is not shaped like an ATD as there are no telescoping forces on the feed end of the membrane.

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